5 Ways to Help Your New Puppy Sleep at Night

Everyone knows a new puppy doesn’t sleep at night. Instead, it cries, whines, and sometimes even barks. What’s a new parent to do?

Here are five strategies to take the puppy nightmares away:

Place a warm towel from the dryer into his kennel or crate when placing him there to sleep. The warmth will help calm him and will remind him of the warmth of his mother’s body.

Turn a radio on low and play a soothing station, like an easy listening with a quiet and smooth sounding deejay.

Spend the entire day stimulating the puppy. Do not let him take a nap, not even once. Pass him along from person to person and have each one play with him.

Feed him warm food that will make him full and sluggish. Take him outside to potty and stay until he does. Praise him greatly, place him in his crate with the warm towel, give him a chewy treat or toy, and turn out the light.

Rub the pads of his paws with lavender balm right before bedtime. This helps in two ways: the balm is relaxing and will calm him, and he will get used to you handling his paws and will not be frightened when you begin to cut his nails.

Puppies want to please you. Training them to go to bed at night and to be relaxed in his crate will only make both of you happier. He will learn to be quiet as you teach him your expectations in a gentle manner.


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