Advantages of Owning an Active Dog

Dogs are companions that are much happier when challenged, intellectually and physically. When you leave a dog in a kennel all day, or confine it to a small yard, it will become lazy and bored. It might even become depressed.

Walking a dog daily will benefit the owner and the animal companion. People need exercise, too. Owning an active dog might just be the impetus you need to stop your traditional weekend Netflix marathon. Taking a dog with you on your morning and evening exercise will give you a protector and an exercise reminder. Your pet will know when you put on your jogging shoes they are being taken for a run. They will learn your habits and teach you to go every day for them to be happy. You will gain the benefit of an improved memory, mood, and body.

Active dogs rest better at night, and you will also when you take them for daily walks and runs. A dog that runs and plays will be less likely to dig and chew from separation anxiety. They feel more assurance that you are coming home for your special time with them.

If you have an active dog that is extremely intelligent, consider enrolling them in agility training. You will both enjoy the competition and healthy exercise. It will be a fun experience for both of you, resulting in a life-long bond through regular exercise. You will make new friends through shared experiences, two-legged and four-legged.


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