Alternative therapies for your dog; Yes or No?

Caring for your dog’s health is very important and requires full attention. Starting from a healthy diet and vaccines to needed medication in case of any illness, you have to be responsible. Although medicine and veterinary medicine are highly developed, some owners avoid exposing their dogs to therapies that require consumption of drugs. Today, both the man and the dogs can use the alternative medicine. Returning to nature and what it offers is a way to protect your dog. Some veterinarians are opposed to this; others support alternative medicine and research it further. Alternative medicine includes acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, massages and nutrition supplements.

Some of these are highly recommended and don’t need any special researches, but methods like herbal treatment or supplements should be well-studied. Take the example from the movie “Into the Wild” which is based on a true story; a man tries to reconnect with nature, and he dies because of not knowing it well. So, do not experiment with herbs if you don’t know their side effects. Consult with your vet, stick to reliable products and take care of the dose that you’re giving to your dog. If it’s natural, it doesn’t mean that can’t be poisonous or harmful.

Herbal remedies can help with kidney disorders and cystitis, pain in muscles and bones, constipation and diarrhea, allergies and skin complaints etc. Massage, as alternative therapy, can help you in decreasing your dog’s stress level instead of giving him pills, and acupuncture can be used for relaxing your dog’s body, controlling the energy flow and for pain relief.

Before starting with any kind of these alternative therapies, consult with professionals. Your dog can react differently to this kind of treatments, especially if he hasn’t consumed or hasn’t been under similar therapy. Whatever you want to start, do it step by step.


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