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Looking after and caring for your pet begins with you as the owner. Home training is an important aspect for all K9s and puppies but remember we offer fully trained home training when things get tough.
To get you started, we have included below some simple tips that will make your daily routine much easier.

Top Tips For Home Training

  • K9 and puppy training begins at home and ensures your pet knows their boundaries is important.
  • Most top trainers advise the use of treats as a reward for good behaviour without over indulging.
  • Don’t wait until your puppy is settled into your home before introducing training; begin straight away to breed good habits.
  • It can be very easy to fall into the trap of treating a dog like a human. Keep them out of your bed and don’t let them eat from your plate.
  • Thinking like a dog and understanding how they act is a great method of decoding certain behaviours. If you know why they do it, finding a solution should be easy.
  • Get your dog socialised with other K9s as soon as possible.
Diet - Advice

It is worrying how many dog owners do not understand the dangers of feeding their pet all kinds of food. A recent UK survey revealed that in excess of 35% of owners were unaware chocolate is toxic to dogs. Consult your vet or seek consultation from relevant books for details on dog health care and diet.

A good diet can lead to better behaviour and faster training.K9 Consulting Tips

Home - Advice

When you introduce a dog into your home, it becomes their living space too. Be careful not to leave harmful and dangerous items within ‘paws’ reach. Dogs can be extremely nosy so keep cleaning products stored away, sharp objects out of reach and medication on shelves will help protect them.

On the Lead - Advice

One of the most infuriating aspects of owning a new dog (or even an old one) can be constant lead pulling. Although we offer specific training for troublesome dogs, simple tips like keeping a shorter lead and rewarding when they walk well can get you on the right track. Urban dog training can be tough with so many distractions but stick at it.

Practical Advice
Dogs are man’s best friend. And don’t respond well to be left alone all day – it can create problem behaviour.
K9 Consulting Tips