More Personal Dog Training Advice and Tips

Whilst there is a tendency to become lax and lazy in pursuits that take time and perseverance, we at K9 Consulting would like to share a few thoughts, that when taken on board will go a long way in making the long term benefits that you will see – should you adhere to tips and knowledge base. Sometimes it is the notification of being reminded, and doing those things which are often common sense and obvious (and sometimes disregarded) in the upkeep and well being of your dog that will reap the fruitful long term benefits.

Following on from advice in our Ask the Experts section, we have relied on our resident professional to distribute further useful and practical knowledge garnered from their experience as a dog trainer and handler to make you home life that bit easier. Of course we would be happy to hear from you with your questions and enquiries – so please do get in touch.

Bad Habits Die Hard

It is not wise to introduce your pet to bad habits such as jumping up on people or licking faces. Yes, you love it but not everyone likes dogs. Install basic behaviour during the puppy term and it will stick with them for good.

Understanding your Dog or Puppy

In the same manner as people dogs are constantly trying to tell us something. One of the best care tips for a new dog owner is to identify different barks. It is not as tough as it seems with many dogs howling when upset and rapid barking or growling when in protection mode.

Your puppy will learn to defend their territory, which happens to be your home so remember this point when they are circling or guarding the front window.

The Underwear Thief

Since the arrival of your puppy it may have come to your attention an absence of socks and pants.  Little dogs love them, clean or dirty and keeping them out of reach is a good idea. It is unhealthy for their stomachs and also not good for your ability to dress. If you have old clothing don’t give it to the dog, it will only encourage further destruction; they cannot tell the difference between old and new.

Struggling to Sleep

An age old technique for helping puppies settle at night is placing a ticking clock under their bed. It settles their anxiety and replicates the sound and vibration of a mother’s heartbeat. Puppies are often taken from parents or siblings briefly before their introduction to your home. It can take a period of days for them to settle.