‘Baby-frying’ Your Dog

Baby-frying Your Dog

Respecting the Boundary between human and dog…

It is fair and well accepting a dog into your family but many owners take it to ridiculous extremes. Identifying the difference between a child and a dog can be surprisingly difficult for many and has a direct impact on training and behaviour.

The below are common mistake made by dog owners that are sure to have a negative impact:

The major pitfalls…

Do not share your dinner or meals with a dog. It will encourage bad behaviour including jumping on your knee, sneaking things from the table and begging.

Allowing a dog into your bed is also a mistake; before you know it they will be expecting the privilege all the time and see you as an inconvenience! Keeping your dog out of your bedroom is an excellent way to help establish ground rules within the home.

Many dog owners also fall into the trap of giving their K9 the run of the house, accessing any room as they please and generally being left to their own devices. This is likely to discourage obeying of rules as the dog will believe they are free to roam. Strong ‘no go zones’ should be made clear from puppy training.

Finally avoid being overly affectionate to your canine. It discourages leadership and will make training especially difficult. Finding a balance is important between respect and love. Generally speaking, the most well behaved and responsive dogs are those that know they are not people.

It may sound harsh and even upsetting for a minority of dog owners but maintaining the gap between human and animal is essential.

Training any dog is a case of reaping what you sow. Consider the above points to ensure your dog is fully aware of their rank in the household.


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