Get Your Dog To Come When They’re Called

There’s absolutely nothing more important than having your dog come when they’re called. It’s extremely important if they’re lost and you’re calling out their name, if they get carried away with another dog at the dog park, and a thousand other reasons all nestled in between. Here’s what you should be doing to ensure your dog comes when they are […] Continue Reading

Stop Your Puppy Drinking From The Toilet

It’s not just an old cartoon cliché. Puppies—specifically when they’re untrained—it’s unsanitary and just a plain old bad habit that you need to break. They’ll make a mess of your restroom, and fill up on nasty, disgusting toilet water in lieu of actual nutritious food and clean, drinkable water. Here’s how to stop them from getting wrapped-up in these bad […] Continue Reading

Household Dangers to Your Dog

Everything is made of plastic and chemical-coated nowadays, especially most of the products in your home. Apart from that, there are numerous health risks to your dog that you may not even be aware of. We’re going to get into a few of them so you can remove them from your pooch’s environment today, and have a risk-free home for […] Continue Reading

Why Your Dog Is Ignoring Your Commands

It’s not always easy to train a pooch, especially when you’re the one doing it and not a professional dog training service. However, hundreds of people do it every day, and it’s an ongoing educational experience for your dog. Here’s why they may not be currently listening to your commands. Insufficient Treats You’re not supplying them with enough of an […] Continue Reading

Keeping Your Dog From Wrecking The Furniture

You’re no stranger to this; dogs, especially when they’re little pups, absolutely love to chew on everything in sight. More often than not, that ends up including your furniture. We’ve got a few ways to combat such behaviour, without making your dog feel ashamed. They’re behaviour needs to be corrected; not reprimanded. Encourage, Train They’re going to chew on something; […] Continue Reading

Your Behaviour Encourages Your Dog

Ever notice that puppy gets all over-excited at certain times? Perhaps they get anxious when you’re feeling down? It’s not a sheer coincidence; it’s all to do with how their master (you) behave on a regular basis, or under pressured situations. He’s your little guy, your companion; he wants to feel what you’re feeling, and looks to you for guidance. […] Continue Reading

Does Your Dog Show Symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

Your dog is your best friend, and you are his. It is natural for him to grieve when you have left him for the day. He also fears you will never return. When he becomes fearful to the point of frantic, he will try to calm himself with destructive behaviour. You may see your dog do any of these calming […] Continue Reading

Health Issues for Children and Dogs

Homes that have both children and dogs need to be especially vigilant about vaccinations and regular veterinary visits. There are some dog illnesses that can be transmitted to a child through a bite, or handling the dog’s waste products. Here are some health issues that you should be aware of when combining children and dogs: Fleas and ticks can cross […] Continue Reading

Why Should I Train My Small Dog?

I have a small dog; whenever she misbehaves I just pick her up and tell her “bad doggy.” Isn’t this enough training? Why should I go through behaviour classes? There are several negative consequences of training a dog in this way. The first issue here is that your dog will learn whenever you pick her up she’s been bad. Is […] Continue Reading

Rules for Children Around Dogs

Children and dogs naturally go together, as long as both are well-trained. Just like you wouldn’t want an unruly dog around your children, you don’t want unruly children around your dog that could accidentally harm the dog. Here are some guidelines to teach your children when around a new dog. Do not approach the dog without the owner’s permission. Make […] Continue Reading

Children and Dogs: Solutions to Annoying Problems

Every home with a dog has run across annoying situations that merit a solution. If you have this combination in your household, see if any of these situations and solution can fit your occasion. 1. Dog barking when child goes for quiet time. Possible solution: Place the dog into his kennel for his nap Give the dog extra attention, turning […] Continue Reading

Advantages of Owning an Active Dog

Dogs are companions that are much happier when challenged, intellectually and physically. When you leave a dog in a kennel all day, or confine it to a small yard, it will become lazy and bored. It might even become depressed. Walking a dog daily will benefit the owner and the animal companion. People need exercise, too. Owning an active dog […] Continue Reading

5 Ways to Help Your New Puppy Sleep at Night

Everyone knows a new puppy doesn’t sleep at night. Instead, it cries, whines, and sometimes even barks. What’s a new parent to do? Here are five strategies to take the puppy nightmares away: Place a warm towel from the dryer into his kennel or crate when placing him there to sleep. The warmth will help calm him and will remind […] Continue Reading

Loving an Older Dog

An aging dog is the most loving companion you will ever have. Older dogs have a trust and a fierce loyalty that cannot beyond compare. They know you care for them, and they love you back with their complete soul. How might you reward the years of love and companionship? Now that your baby is getting older try to make […] Continue Reading

Why Crate Train a Puppy?

Training a puppy to stay in a crate is not cruel and unusual punishment. Although it looks as though you have banished the puppy to “puppy jail”, the puppy will not think that way unless you teach it to see the crate as a jail. Puppies love warm, cuddly places. When you place a puppy in a crate, provide a […] Continue Reading