Get Your Dog To Come When They’re Called

There’s absolutely nothing more important than having your dog come when they’re called. It’s extremely important if they’re lost and you’re calling out their name, if they get carried away with another dog at the dog park, and a thousand other reasons all nestled in between. Here’s what you should be doing to ensure your dog comes when they are […] Continue Reading

Why Your Dog Is Ignoring Your Commands

It’s not always easy to train a pooch, especially when you’re the one doing it and not a professional dog training service. However, hundreds of people do it every day, and it’s an ongoing educational experience for your dog. Here’s why they may not be currently listening to your commands. Insufficient Treats You’re not supplying them with enough of an […] Continue Reading

Does Your Dog Show Symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

Your dog is your best friend, and you are his. It is natural for him to grieve when you have left him for the day. He also fears you will never return. When he becomes fearful to the point of frantic, he will try to calm himself with destructive behaviour. You may see your dog do any of these calming […] Continue Reading

Health Issues for Children and Dogs

Homes that have both children and dogs need to be especially vigilant about vaccinations and regular veterinary visits. There are some dog illnesses that can be transmitted to a child through a bite, or handling the dog’s waste products. Here are some health issues that you should be aware of when combining children and dogs: Fleas and ticks can cross […] Continue Reading

Advantages of Owning an Active Dog

Dogs are companions that are much happier when challenged, intellectually and physically. When you leave a dog in a kennel all day, or confine it to a small yard, it will become lazy and bored. It might even become depressed. Walking a dog daily will benefit the owner and the animal companion. People need exercise, too. Owning an active dog […] Continue Reading

Great Danes

Known as a gentle giant, they have a very mild personality and love people. They are very large, an adult male can grow as tall as 36 inches at the shoulder. Their full weight is around 135-175 pounds. Great Danes are friendly, loyal, quiet and reserved are all good descriptors applied to the Great Dane. They look like they would […] Continue Reading

Loving an Older Dog

An aging dog is the most loving companion you will ever have. Older dogs have a trust and a fierce loyalty that cannot beyond compare. They know you care for them, and they love you back with their complete soul. How might you reward the years of love and companionship? Now that your baby is getting older try to make […] Continue Reading

Dog Breeds Not Suitable for New Dog Owners

New dog owners have so much to learn about owning a dog that they should not be burdened with a breed that is known to be hard to train, destructive as a puppy, or especially needy regarding attention. We are not saying these breeds are dangerous or untrainable, we are saying they need special care as a puppy that new […] Continue Reading

Loving Your Middle-aged Dog

Depending on the breed, a dog is considered middle-aged between the years of 5-8. The larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan. Conversely, the smaller the dog, the longer they will live. I have a Chihuahua that is 22 ½ years old. My black lab died at age 10. Size makes a difference. Even though you don’t know the exact […] Continue Reading

The One With The Spots – Dalmatians

Dalmatians are the pretty dogs with the spots. They are flashy and sporty and love to run. These are the characteristics that made them so popular. In the 1800s and early 1900s, the Dalmatian ran alongside horses or carriages to alert the drivers of highwaymen, robbers, or even other dogs that could be dangerous. Later, firefighters had them run along […] Continue Reading

What a Dog Wants

Your dog has needs and wants, just like you do. Unfortunately, dogs don’t articulate very well, although you will notice they can communicate, just not in a straightforward way like we do when we hold a conversation. These are the wants of your dog that you are trusted to provide. Good Health Give your annual dog checkups to the vet, […] Continue Reading

Do Rescued Greyhounds Make Good Pets?

Greyhounds are wonderful pets because they are loving and people-centered. After they retire from the racetrack they just want homes with loving families that like to cuddle. Greyhounds are very socialized around the track as handlers, vets, kennel workers, and even judges touch them. They are expected to be obedient and docile while they are being examined, so they learn […] Continue Reading

What Should I Serve at a Birthday Party for Dogs?

Birthday cake, of course! Everybody loves to celebrate birthdays and your doggie is no exception to the rule. We suggest you make your own doggie birthday cake for your canine friend, and we will provide you with our special recipe. If you are expecting many doggie friends at the birthday party for dogs, don’t forget to also make treat bags […] Continue Reading

What are the Best Dog Toys for my Chewy?

Let’s face it; one of the most annoying things about a chewy dog is the destruction of the home and property. In one hour a chewing dog can tear apart toys, clothing, and sofas. Toys are necessary for the health and growth of a dog. They stimulate their brains, help them to cope with boredom, relieve the pain of teething, […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Clicker Training

Clicker training is a new form of training used by both dog trainers and their owners. It consists of using a clicker to have the dog do the command, and is usually accompanied by a treat. This has revolutionised the training many dogs get, and it’s made obedience training that much easier. There’s a lot of benefits to it, and […] Continue Reading