How To Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

We love dogs and treat them like our kids, but sometimes we miss the way of raise them up properly. Again, it’s a mistake that we could have done it, or we do with our kids. Take the relationship with your dog as a relationship with your child. What you need to know is that this friendship will succeed if […] Continue Reading

Dogs and aggression; Reasons and how to change dog’s aggressive behavior

Although a domestic animal, dogs can show their wild and aggressive side, simply because they are animals and their instinct, or nervous system react differently to certain situations. What is important to be mentioned and emphasised, is that there is a reason behind every aggressive behaviour. Whether you have adopted your dog as a baby, or as an older, it […] Continue Reading

General Rules on Dog Training

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” – Stanley Coren Dogs can be named as man’s best friends, smartest animals, owners of our hearts, home keepers… We can add to these “definitions” whatever we want. But, first of all, we must understand that as much […] Continue Reading

The Secret to training shy dogs…

It is all very well having strict training regimes for a dog but persuading a less outgoing animal to put themselves out there can be tough. There are a number of helpful tips to consider bringing your shy canine out of their shell: Gently does it Keeping patient and calm are great indicators for a dog that everything is ok. […] Continue Reading

How to keep your canine mentally stimulated

One of the hardest things for any dog owner to do is maintain a stimulated lifestyle for their pet. Little things can go a long way to ensuring good health; we take a look at the key elements to try at home: Varied walks Your dog does not just look where they are going on a daily walk but smell […] Continue Reading

Top tips for ongoing training

It is a real temptation for dog owners to rest on their laurels once the initial training skills have been implemented. To avoid bad behaviour down the line, we have detailed important ongoing training tips: Reinforcement Once a skill has been learned, the dog or puppy must be continually tested to ensure full retention and obedience. For many skills, this […] Continue Reading

Unusual training techniques

In an ever changing world where the status quo is always under fire, dog training has escaped no reprieve. Traditional methods of training are being pushed to the side lines as soon as possible to teach new, often bizarre skills. We take a look at unusual methods of training your dog… Dancing It is pretty easy to get your dog […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Agility Training

A treat for a pet and the whole family… A number of dog breeds are notorious for having unlimited energy and can quickly become tiring to live with. A popular and fun activity for both owner and canine is agility training to help kerb this buzz. Breeds such as spaniels, collies and labs are ideally suited for such training which […] Continue Reading

If you think you’re bad…

Most dog owners will from time to time cross the line between caring and obsessing about their canine. It is human nature in much the same we worry about family members, home security and money. Recent research has uncovered a number of extreme practices that are simply going too far: The Dog Phone As technology has moved forward so has […] Continue Reading

Training Mature Dogs

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? It is completely different training puppies and adult canines. Youngsters enjoy the thrill of new things and have an active capacity to learn. Mature dogs on the other hand are often set in their ways and may rebel against attempts to install unwanted commands. When initiating training with an older canine, it […] Continue Reading