Make Sure Your Dog Walker Has Insurance

Yes, it is a thing. For real. Dog walker insurance protects not only the walker, but the owner of the dog from liability through various means. It’s become a profession in the last decade or so, and as such, it’s becoming regulated. There are a few things you should look for in your dog walkers, being insurance, and here’s what […] Continue Reading

What Dog Whistles Do To Your Pal

Dog whistles have been up for debate for their animal humaneness for years, but they’re not necessarily bad for them. They have to be used properly, and in small bursts. It’s the same as having a loud sound unexpectedly blare next to you, and while that won’t necessarily cause harm, it’s a wake-up call. Here’s what you need to know […] Continue Reading

Why You Should Never Use A Shock Collar

Electric shock collars are another convenience of the 21st century, and many believe they’re inhumane. It’s up to you to interpret, but there are more reasons than the protection of animal rights to not buy a shock collar. Let’s get into them. It Damages Your Bond You don’t have a canine companion for the sole purpose of having one. They’re […] Continue Reading

Stop Your Puppy Drinking From The Toilet

It’s not just an old cartoon cliché. Puppies—specifically when they’re untrained—it’s unsanitary and just a plain old bad habit that you need to break. They’ll make a mess of your restroom, and fill up on nasty, disgusting toilet water in lieu of actual nutritious food and clean, drinkable water. Here’s how to stop them from getting wrapped-up in these bad […] Continue Reading

Picking A Dog Walker

Professional dog walking never used to be a thing, but now, people actually make their living from walking your dog. Better than that, they’re also getting a chance to socialise with other dogs while in the group. It’s a win-win. However, picking the right dog walker is no easy task. Where it’s become a professional service, people are actually branding […] Continue Reading

Your Behaviour Encourages Your Dog

Ever notice that puppy gets all over-excited at certain times? Perhaps they get anxious when you’re feeling down? It’s not a sheer coincidence; it’s all to do with how their master (you) behave on a regular basis, or under pressured situations. He’s your little guy, your companion; he wants to feel what you’re feeling, and looks to you for guidance. […] Continue Reading

Doggy Day Care Is the Answer

When you know you will be gone for the day, and you don’t want your puppy alone in the house, where can you find a pet sitter? If you call your friends and relatives, they will usually refuse because, they too, have daily obligations. A good alternative to foisting your puppy on friends and relatives is a doggy day care. […] Continue Reading

Doggy Day Care: FAQ

What is Doggy Day Care? Doggy Day Care is a wonderful place for your dog to stay for the day while you are at work or on a special excursion. How do I know my dog will be safe at day care? The staff at doggy day care watches each dog carefully to assure it is happy and safe. Are […] Continue Reading

Why Should I Train My Small Dog?

I have a small dog; whenever she misbehaves I just pick her up and tell her “bad doggy.” Isn’t this enough training? Why should I go through behaviour classes? There are several negative consequences of training a dog in this way. The first issue here is that your dog will learn whenever you pick her up she’s been bad. Is […] Continue Reading

Rules for Children Around Dogs

Children and dogs naturally go together, as long as both are well-trained. Just like you wouldn’t want an unruly dog around your children, you don’t want unruly children around your dog that could accidentally harm the dog. Here are some guidelines to teach your children when around a new dog. Do not approach the dog without the owner’s permission. Make […] Continue Reading

5 Ways to Help Your New Puppy Sleep at Night

Everyone knows a new puppy doesn’t sleep at night. Instead, it cries, whines, and sometimes even barks. What’s a new parent to do? Here are five strategies to take the puppy nightmares away: Place a warm towel from the dryer into his kennel or crate when placing him there to sleep. The warmth will help calm him and will remind […] Continue Reading


Poodles are a very popular dog breed because of their intelligence and their appearance. They are considered one of the smartest dog breeds and are very trainable. They have beautiful curly hypoallergenic coats that make them suitable for people with lung disorders. Poodles come in 4 sizes, the standard (18-24 inches tall), the Medium (14-18 inches tall), the Miniature (11-14 […] Continue Reading

What a Dog Needs

If you have a new dog or even an old dog, there are certain physical requirements that you should provide for your beloved companion. Perhaps you already have these, but maybe there are a few here that you should reconsider: Fence If, your dog, is going outside at all, you need a fenced area. Why? Other dogs can get to […] Continue Reading

What a Dog Wants

Your dog has needs and wants, just like you do. Unfortunately, dogs don’t articulate very well, although you will notice they can communicate, just not in a straightforward way like we do when we hold a conversation. These are the wants of your dog that you are trusted to provide. Good Health Give your annual dog checkups to the vet, […] Continue Reading

How Can I Adopt a Puppy?

If you want a new puppy in the home, there is no more reputable organisation than the RSPCA for rehoming to adopt a puppy. The RSPCA has many pets for your family’s consideration; puppies and dogs are just one species! Each companion that is adopted from the RSPCA comes with up-to-date vaccinations, has been spayed or snipped, and has an […] Continue Reading