Why You Should Never Use A Shock Collar

Electric shock collars are another convenience of the 21st century, and many believe they’re inhumane. It’s up to you to interpret, but there are more reasons than the protection of animal rights to not buy a shock collar. Let’s get into them. It Damages Your Bond You don’t have a canine companion for the sole purpose of having one. They’re […] Continue Reading

Health Issues for Children and Dogs

Homes that have both children and dogs need to be especially vigilant about vaccinations and regular veterinary visits. There are some dog illnesses that can be transmitted to a child through a bite, or handling the dog’s waste products. Here are some health issues that you should be aware of when combining children and dogs: Fleas and ticks can cross […] Continue Reading

Dogs and aggression; Reasons and how to change dog’s aggressive behavior

Although a domestic animal, dogs can show their wild and aggressive side, simply because they are animals and their instinct, or nervous system react differently to certain situations. What is important to be mentioned and emphasised, is that there is a reason behind every aggressive behaviour. Whether you have adopted your dog as a baby, or as an older, it […] Continue Reading

Perils of Guard Dog and Protection Training

One of the most common forms of dog training is to bulk up security around family, property and valuables. Many owners look to install a canine into their home that will be an obedient family pet but also an avid protector. Training to ensure this balance can be tough and should be handled with extreme care. We have gathered some […] Continue Reading

The Wonder of a Watchdog

It is important to understand there is a sizeable difference between watch dogs and protection canines. Most dog owners encourage such behaviour from their pets if only to bark when someone approaches or raise an alarm to unusual sounds. As oppose to sophisticated training, watch dogs simply need their instincts to be harnessed. From a young age make sure you […] Continue Reading

The Decision to have a Dog

Introducing a dog to your home is a big step and one that should not be taken lightly. Dog Rescue Centres are inundated with unwanted and abandoned animals this time of year demonstrating the error many people (often parents) make. So what are the important things to consider before bring a furry friend home? At the end of the day, […] Continue Reading

Protecting with Furry Friends

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend but their uses expand considerably further. Many owners consider their pets as protection units; either for property or family. It is a very specific type of role and suitable only to certain breeds. The most suitable canines for the job… There are two clear aspects to consider; namely the size and […] Continue Reading