The Importance of Authority

No matter the breed of a canine, ensuring discipline from an early age is essential. It helps install valuable behaviours that will allow the dog to fit in with your family and society at large. In essence, they are like children and need sufficient development via strong commands to establish ground rules. This can often take the form of hand […] Continue Reading

Dogs Love of the Ball Chase

It is remarkable what the appearance of a tennis ball will do to your furry friend. From a relaxed, often calm little creature, they become a frenzy of springing life. The teaching of throwing and retrieving is a long heralded successful routine for training dogs. It is excellent for channelling their energy but also introducing outdoor understanding. Many owners will […] Continue Reading

Disobedience and your Dog…

One of the most delicate issues to deal with as a dog owner is bad behaviour. Many owners hate the thought of shouting or locking the dog away as they scratch for freedom. It is however an extremely necessary task. By disciplining your pet, it highlights appropriate behaviour and allows you to act as a pack leader. In the animal […] Continue Reading

Preventing Chewing Around the Home

One of the most irritating and frustrating parts of owning a dog, especially young dogs is the challenge of biting and chewing your possessions. This often includes furniture, clothes (often socks!) and just about anything they can get their teeth into. We have listed our solutions to such a problem to help look after your home: It is more than […] Continue Reading

House Training your New Arrival

It is an exciting time waiting to bring home your new puppy and there is so much to think about when they settle in. It is important to start basic training as soon as possible and this includes toilet training. The last thing you want is to have little presents left all over the house, some of which might not […] Continue Reading

Stimulating Your K9

Dogs and children have a lot in common… One of the biggest challenges is to keep your dog amused. A bored dog is a destructive dog and you will often find chewed slippers, scratched doors and severed carpets. So what are the best ways to keep them entertained even when you are not there? Treat Balls Dogs love a challenge, […] Continue Reading

Top Tips for Training at Home

Although it is always useful to seek training advice from the professionals, there are a number of concepts to consider for improving your canine’s behaviour. We examine the top tips: Listen to Your Dog Not everyone speaks ‘dog’ or can decode the tone of a canine ‘woof’. Learn to read the basic signs and work with your dog. If they […] Continue Reading

Understanding Your Dog

There are a number of ways to communicate with your dog, some simpler than others. We have reviewed a number of ideas to get in touch with your dog and listed them below: Listen to the bark Your canine will primarily talk to you via their bark. Different tones highlight their mood. For example short and varied barking often means […] Continue Reading

Does Your Pet Have Special Potential?

It is now possible to tell if your dog has extra abilities from a very young age. We are not talking about crime fighting or martial art skills; many guide dogs and protection dogs come from identification as puppies. The ability to act as a guide dog is a usually reserved for strong and placid beasts such as Labradors or […] Continue Reading

Socialising Your Dog

Dogs don’t spend hours down the pub or attend music concerts with their mates; they do however interact on a unique level with other canines and people. It is essential to promote this interactive behaviour from a very young age. Training Classes Most top trainers offer classes for different puppy ages. It is an ideal place for your dog to […] Continue Reading

Training Steps for a new Puppy

Young K9s are inquisitive, eager and intrigued by almost everything. It is an excellent time to begin basic training and set them on their way to an in-house lifestyle. Before employing a professional trainer, get started with some basic principles: Toilet Training There are a number of approaches to teaching a young dog about carrying out their business. Many use […] Continue Reading