Make Sure Your Dog Walker Has Insurance

Yes, it is a thing. For real. Dog walker insurance protects not only the walker, but the owner of the dog from liability through various means. It’s become a profession in the last decade or so, and as such, it’s becoming regulated. There are a few things you should look for in your dog walkers, being insurance, and here’s what […] Continue Reading

Stop Your Puppy Drinking From The Toilet

It’s not just an old cartoon cliché. Puppies—specifically when they’re untrained—it’s unsanitary and just a plain old bad habit that you need to break. They’ll make a mess of your restroom, and fill up on nasty, disgusting toilet water in lieu of actual nutritious food and clean, drinkable water. Here’s how to stop them from getting wrapped-up in these bad […] Continue Reading

Keeping Your Dog From Wrecking The Furniture

You’re no stranger to this; dogs, especially when they’re little pups, absolutely love to chew on everything in sight. More often than not, that ends up including your furniture. We’ve got a few ways to combat such behaviour, without making your dog feel ashamed. They’re behaviour needs to be corrected; not reprimanded. Encourage, Train They’re going to chew on something; […] Continue Reading

Picking A Dog Walker

Professional dog walking never used to be a thing, but now, people actually make their living from walking your dog. Better than that, they’re also getting a chance to socialise with other dogs while in the group. It’s a win-win. However, picking the right dog walker is no easy task. Where it’s become a professional service, people are actually branding […] Continue Reading

Doggy Day Care Is the Answer

When you know you will be gone for the day, and you don’t want your puppy alone in the house, where can you find a pet sitter? If you call your friends and relatives, they will usually refuse because, they too, have daily obligations. A good alternative to foisting your puppy on friends and relatives is a doggy day care. […] Continue Reading

Doggy Day Care: FAQ

What is Doggy Day Care? Doggy Day Care is a wonderful place for your dog to stay for the day while you are at work or on a special excursion. How do I know my dog will be safe at day care? The staff at doggy day care watches each dog carefully to assure it is happy and safe. Are […] Continue Reading

Health Issues for Children and Dogs

Homes that have both children and dogs need to be especially vigilant about vaccinations and regular veterinary visits. There are some dog illnesses that can be transmitted to a child through a bite, or handling the dog’s waste products. Here are some health issues that you should be aware of when combining children and dogs: Fleas and ticks can cross […] Continue Reading

Children and Dogs: Solutions to Annoying Problems

Every home with a dog has run across annoying situations that merit a solution. If you have this combination in your household, see if any of these situations and solution can fit your occasion. 1. Dog barking when child goes for quiet time. Possible solution: Place the dog into his kennel for his nap Give the dog extra attention, turning […] Continue Reading

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are a very popular breed of dog with a cheerful, happy, friendly disposition. They are extremely intelligent, active, and love to play ball. They are best satisfied when they are walked several times a day, because of their enormous energy. Jack Russells are loving and affectionate. They can suffer from separation anxiety when away from their family. […] Continue Reading

Do Rescued Greyhounds Make Good Pets?

Greyhounds are wonderful pets because they are loving and people-centered. After they retire from the racetrack they just want homes with loving families that like to cuddle. Greyhounds are very socialized around the track as handlers, vets, kennel workers, and even judges touch them. They are expected to be obedient and docile while they are being examined, so they learn […] Continue Reading

What are the Best Dogs for Families?

Every family needs a dog, someone who always loves, wants to play, and is reliable. The chosen breed needs to have a well-balanced personality, is friendly and patient, yet also a helpful watchdog. There are several dog breeds that are well suited to be called the best dogs for families, but we recommend these four top breeds: Labrador Retriever and […] Continue Reading

Best Agility Training Course Materials

If you’re considering agility training for your dog because of its capabilities, there are a few things you should know. Agility training is great for the dog, and it can be something that they can learn, and maybe even grow to execute over time. However, there are a few basic items to get first, and they are listed here. The […] Continue Reading

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking so Much

Barking is something a dog does, and it’s something that they do in order to communicate. It’s essential, but at the same time, it can be something that can get a bit annoying when they do it excessively. Using humane means to help with dog barking is essential, and you will learn below some of the best ways to help […] Continue Reading

How to Get Your Dog the Exercise they Need

Dogs love to get exercise, and they need it. It’s not just for their physical health, but their mental health as well. If you don’t’ take your dog out to get exercise, they will start to go crazy, and that’s how items get chewed and your dog starts to act out. This article will go over some great ways to […] Continue Reading

How To Play With Your Dog

Taking care of a dog is a combination of many things: it is a duty, responsibility, pleasure, love, trust, laughter and fun. They can be our best friends, part of the family even and even company for taking a walk. Perhaps you cannot drink alcohol with them and discuss politics, but you can play a variety of games and pass […] Continue Reading