Household Dangers to Your Dog

Everything is made of plastic and chemical-coated nowadays, especially most of the products in your home. Apart from that, there are numerous health risks to your dog that you may not even be aware of. We’re going to get into a few of them so you can remove them from your pooch’s environment today, and have a risk-free home for […] Continue Reading

Picking A Dog Walker

Professional dog walking never used to be a thing, but now, people actually make their living from walking your dog. Better than that, they’re also getting a chance to socialise with other dogs while in the group. It’s a win-win. However, picking the right dog walker is no easy task. Where it’s become a professional service, people are actually branding […] Continue Reading

Children and Dogs: Solutions to Annoying Problems

Every home with a dog has run across annoying situations that merit a solution. If you have this combination in your household, see if any of these situations and solution can fit your occasion. 1. Dog barking when child goes for quiet time. Possible solution: Place the dog into his kennel for his nap Give the dog extra attention, turning […] Continue Reading

Advantages of Owning an Active Dog

Dogs are companions that are much happier when challenged, intellectually and physically. When you leave a dog in a kennel all day, or confine it to a small yard, it will become lazy and bored. It might even become depressed. Walking a dog daily will benefit the owner and the animal companion. People need exercise, too. Owning an active dog […] Continue Reading

Loving an Older Dog

An aging dog is the most loving companion you will ever have. Older dogs have a trust and a fierce loyalty that cannot beyond compare. They know you care for them, and they love you back with their complete soul. How might you reward the years of love and companionship? Now that your baby is getting older try to make […] Continue Reading

Loving Your Middle-aged Dog

Depending on the breed, a dog is considered middle-aged between the years of 5-8. The larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan. Conversely, the smaller the dog, the longer they will live. I have a Chihuahua that is 22 ½ years old. My black lab died at age 10. Size makes a difference. Even though you don’t know the exact […] Continue Reading

Best Agility Training Course Materials

If you’re considering agility training for your dog because of its capabilities, there are a few things you should know. Agility training is great for the dog, and it can be something that they can learn, and maybe even grow to execute over time. However, there are a few basic items to get first, and they are listed here. The […] Continue Reading

Dogs And Cats Can Live Together

It is funny when we see cartoons where cats and dogs “argue,” chase each other and compete who will win. However, in real life this is not exactly comical, indeed. To set the balance in the relationship between these two animals with completely opposite characters is hard, especially for people who take care for both of them. If you are […] Continue Reading

Dogs and barking; Why do they do it and how to control it?

Woof, woof! One of the biggest and most demanding challenges in training a dog is teaching him how to stop with the unnecessary barking. Dogs get easily provoked and react nervously even to the slightest situation. They bark at everything that can be construed as dangerous or threatening for them, their owner, the house and especially, to what’s in their […] Continue Reading

How to Reward Your Dog

It is inaccurate to think that the only way to reward your canine is with biscuits and treats. It is a proven training method but to develop a strong bond with your dog, great variety is required. We review the methods of praise that can really inspire your pet… Attention All dogs love it; so much so they lap it […] Continue Reading

The Secret to training shy dogs…

It is all very well having strict training regimes for a dog but persuading a less outgoing animal to put themselves out there can be tough. There are a number of helpful tips to consider bringing your shy canine out of their shell: Gently does it Keeping patient and calm are great indicators for a dog that everything is ok. […] Continue Reading

How to keep your canine mentally stimulated

One of the hardest things for any dog owner to do is maintain a stimulated lifestyle for their pet. Little things can go a long way to ensuring good health; we take a look at the key elements to try at home: Varied walks Your dog does not just look where they are going on a daily walk but smell […] Continue Reading

Could my dog be a film star?

Hollywood is packed with movies featuring celebrity dogs and stunt canines offering incredible onscreen entertainment. It is clearly an extreme form of dog training and not attainable by most pets. So what are the characteristics of an onscreen furry star? Professional animal trainers in America are quick to point out that certain breeds of dog are simply too tough to […] Continue Reading

The Truth about Canine Emotions

Scientists and dog lovers alike have long debated the extent of dog emotions. It is an interesting debate and recent research has suggested that dogs have a similar emotional state to that of a two year old. This is interesting on a number of levels, namely that infants of this age do not have a fully established range of emotions, […] Continue Reading

Training your dog to travel

Has your dog ever caused a fuss on the move? A huge number of canines never adapt to traveling in cars, trains or buses. There are various circumstances and reasons that lead to such fears and anxieties but often it relates to incorrect puppy training. It is crucial to take your dog in the car from the outset. Puppies are […] Continue Reading