Did you know…??

The world of dogs is incredible and there is so much that science is still learning about our furry friends. The more you know, the easier it is to train and understand them; as a result we have investigated some interesting facts:

  • Dogs do not feel remorse even though they often look sheepish when they have done wrong. Bare this in mind when you get the puppy dogs after they have eaten your favourite slippers.
  • All dogs are actually colour blind which is often overlooked by owners. It should be noted that they are able to see colours in forms of grey. They rely on other senses which are more powerful.
  • The above average dog is as intelligent as a three year old child. They are capable of understanding up to 250 words and perform simply maths.
  • The wetness on the end of a dog’s nose is essential for working out where a smell is coming from.
  • When a dog drinks, they use their tongue as a form of cup.
  • A dog will chase their tale for a number of reasons including excitement, curiosity, exercise, anxiety and predatory instinct.
  • All dogs dream and utilise the same rapid eye movement to that of people. Next time you see the paw going in their sleep, think about what they are dreaming.
  • Dogs can see in the dark thanks to a special membrane called tapetum lucidum.

There you have it, some of the most interesting facts about dogs and the answers to their behaviours. The list is almost endless so don’t be surprises if there is a reason for even the most stupid of behaviours!


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