Do Rescued Greyhounds Make Good Pets?

Greyhounds are wonderful pets because they are loving and people-centered. After they retire from the racetrack they just want homes with loving families that like to cuddle.

Greyhounds are very socialized around the track as handlers, vets, kennel workers, and even judges touch them. They are expected to be obedient and docile while they are being examined, so they learn to be composed and trusting from puppy-aged.

Greyhounds are naturally calm and intelligent. They make wonderful companions in Care Homes because they like nothing better than a soft cushion on which to snooze in the sun. They are not big barkers but they are great companions. They watch their family constantly with interest and alert someone when a stranger visits with a woof or two, but it is a friendly bark, not an aggressive one.


They do need to be walked daily but they don’t need more exercise than any other dog. They are not to be trusted off leash as they have been trained to run, and they will, chasing every rabbit and squirrel they see.

Indoor Dogs:

Even though greyhounds are large dogs, they need to live indoors with their family. Greyhounds have very short hair and thinner coats; they feel the heat and cold just like people. They also do not have much fat on their bones and require cushions and soft spots for their own place to rest.

Rescued greyhounds are some of the most loving and peaceful dogs that make a good family pet.


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