Does Your Dog Show Symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

Your dog is your best friend, and you are his. It is natural for him to grieve when you have left him for the day. He also fears you will never return. When he becomes fearful to the point of frantic, he will try to calm himself with destructive behaviour.

You may see your dog do any of these calming behaviours (for him!) that you will see as a problem:

  • Chew his paws
  • Potty in the wrong place
  • Bark constantly
  • Cry and whine, or howl incessantly
  • Chew the furniture
  • Try to break out of the confinement area
  • Dig the carpet or yard

If you have only a mild case of separation anxiety, try some counter training techniques to help your pet cope while you are absent.

Give him a kennel to stay in – many people think kennel training is cruel, but it is just the opposite. Giving your pet his own den relieves anxiety because he knows it is only his home, no one will violate his boundaries.

Give him special treats while you are gone. This is a great opportunity to introduce him to Kong toys filled with treats, in a puzzle form. Give him good tasting treats inside the Kong puzzle and it will occupy his mind and attention for a good many hours. Do not make the puzzle too easy for him; he needs intellectual stimulation.

Do not use the kennel as punishment. Only give him the Kong treat when you are leaving him so he will associate good things with your absence.


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