Dog Breeds Not Suitable for New Dog Owners

New dog owners have so much to learn about owning a dog that they should not be burdened with a breed that is known to be hard to train, destructive as a puppy, or especially needy regarding attention. We are not saying these breeds are dangerous or untrainable, we are saying they need special care as a puppy that new dog owners may not be prepared to do.

Siberian Husky

He is hard to house-train because he is extremely energetic and active, smart at escaping enclosures, and fairly territorial. He needs a firm hand and a lot of exercises. Walking should be scheduled daily for miles at a time and several times a day.

Saint Bernard

She drools all the time and then swallows the towel you wiped her mouth with. She needs exercise. She is an indoor dog that is prone to heatstroke. She weighs over 150 pounds full grown. She loves people and will want to be a lap dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

Incredibly smart, about the average intelligence of a four or five-year-old. He needs constant supervision and plenty of work to do. He needs exercise and lots of it. He has strength, endurance and can think his way through situations. If you have a working farm, this is a great dog. If you live in an apartment, not so much.

These are only three challenging dog breeds that take more than just a loving owner for everyone to be happy. Take care when you select the breed of your dog. Some take more care than others.


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