Dog Training Support Services

We offer the complete dog training and support service because not all owners have the same requirements and availability. As a result we provide flexible, adaptable and bespoke solutions.
We treat all our clients differently because no two dogs are the same…


Dog Day Care

We can look after dogs and train them at the same time. This is an ideal option for owners with busy work schedules and provides combined affordable solutions to making your dog the perfect household member. Dog Day Care is a great way to experience the best of urban dog training and general city dog training. We are aware that living in the heart of London is unique.

Even if you only need your dog looked after, we provide hassle free and enjoyable visits for all K9s. By coming to us, we can utilise all our specialist training space and equipment and keep your pet exercised and challenged. Most of our visiting dogs are desperate to come back; a wagging tail never lies!

Walking Services

Ensuring your dog gets enough exercise during the day is important and we are on hand to walk dogs and puppies on a regular basis. There can be nothing worse than coming home at night to a ball of perpetual motion when relaxation is in order.

Letting a stranger into your home is difficult and we offer honest and trustworthy service. Keep them fit and happy with us; put your feet up at night. We are keen to tell all owners that we take special care of your dog when they are in public. It is unfair to expect them to walk with ten other dogs and venture to new areas with a stranger. We will listen to you too and work on your feedback for training your pet.

Home Visit Training

The thought of visiting a training centre is simply not plausible for certain canine owners. For others, in-home training is compatible with the behaviour training needs of the dog. We can arrange with you a convenient appointment and provide professional training within your home or nearby open space venue. We look to ensure the fulfilling of the bespoke requirements and individual requirements of your dog or puppy.

The major benefit of training at home is that the canine or puppy will be more at ease and willing to learn without being distracted by just about everything. It is also ideal for offering tips for further in house training without the presence of the trainer. Our home visits generally last between one and two hours but tailored visits are available. Our consulting process aims to provide initial care tips to get the ball rolling.

Phone Advice

We understand that issues with dog behaviour are not regimented and can occur anytime. If you have a question or a problem we are available to chat over the phone when you need us.

Our clients never feel isolated or alone; we are always just a ring away. Don’t be afraid to get in touch…


1 hour Introductory Consultation
1 hour Private Session
45 min Group Session
1 hour Group Session
10 Session Pre-Booking
Training Support Services

Did you know…?
Dogs are just like people and their attention will only hold for a short period. Regular short training routines are more effective and will stimulate the dog too.
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