Public Group Sessions Schedule

One of the most effective ways to begin training your dog and keep in shape yourself, is to join a group session at various locations around London. We at K9 Consulting aim to provide a sensible yet proven method for starting the learning curve experience of training your dog or puppy to become the household pet that you really want…

February Events

From February
Mondays for 8 weeks
Dog Training Group Session - BOOKING ESSENTIAL

This is a rolling session, where you can join for one or all. Start time at 7.30pm sharp! Booking is essential. Emphasis is placed on command to heel obedience especially when out in the open public spaces.

Finchley Sea Cadets
February, '17
Puppy Training Beginners Session - FULLY BOOKED

A simple introductory session, getting to know your dogs mood and behaviour. Key strengths in identifying the proper times for training your puppy to be toilet trained around the house.

Holland Park, London



We’ll be resuming next week on Monday 20th June at Frith Manor Equestrian Centre
We’ll be running two weekly classes from 5.30pm – 6.30pm & 7pm – 8pm. The venue is far more suitable landing for the dogs as it is soft. If you’re interested in attending please get in touch with us or call Janet of Groomindales of Hendon & No 1 Dog Sitter on 07956 318402.

For more details and to book your place email the K9 Consulting team!

May Events

Throughout May
TBA, '17
Intermediary Puppy Training Session - OPENING SOON

The group dynamic generally gives a positive attitude to your dogs awareness of people and other animals around them. Getting them used to this from an early age will make progressive training sessions easier to handle with better rewards.

Primrose Hill, London
TBA, '17
Puppy Training Group Session - OPENING SOON

More examples and demonstrations are given with practical advice to form the foundations of a well trained dog.

Holland Park, London

Group Sessions


We would like to be clear that one-off group sessions should not be considered an end in and of themselves, because like all learning experiences, it takes time for the training methods to sink in with a regular effect. Further private sessions are available from the friendly staff – please just ask for more details. Should you have any suggestions and comments for future events please do get in touch with us…

Create a weekly diary to include a daily walk at a fixed regular time – a sure basis for good healthy living for your dog, both physical and mental!
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