Doggy Day Care: FAQ

What is Doggy Day Care?
Doggy Day Care is a wonderful place for your dog to stay for the day while you are at work or on a special excursion.
How do I know my dog will be safe at day care?
The staff at doggy day care watches each dog carefully to assure it is happy and safe.
Are there special requirements to attend doggy day care?
Every dog that enrolls in doggy day care must be current with vaccinations and licenses.
Do I need to schedule or reserve a spot for my dog?
Yes, we have many people that want their dog to visit for the day. We need reservations in order to plan attendance.
What does my dog do all day?
The staff interacts with your dog in various ways; he is taken for walks, given stimulating toys, given treats and snacks, and, of course, gets to play with other dogs.
What if my dog doesn’t play well with others?
This is one of the features of doggy day care, teaching your dog social skills so that he will learn not be fearful or aggressive towards other dogs.
How often do you recommend attendance?
Your dog will enjoy doggy day care so much that at least three days a week is recommended. Your dog will learn the schedule and meet you at the door for the special days.
Doggy day care is a unique and stimulating place for your dog to enjoy the days you are out and about, give you peace of mind and your dog some happy experiences.


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