Doggy Day Care Is the Answer

When you know you will be gone for the day, and you don’t want your puppy alone in the house, where can you find a pet sitter? If you call your friends and relatives, they will usually refuse because, they too, have daily obligations. A good alternative to foisting your puppy on friends and relatives is a doggy day care. Even though it may be more expensive, it offers many more benefits than a pet sitter for a one-day obligation.

Doggy day care centres offer a wide range of activities for your puppy. They are treated to socialisation in a safe environment. They have walks and treats. They have new toys with which to play. They are intellectually stimulated, and rarely have time to be bored. In addition, your housetraining is reinforced by the staff, so the puppy continues minding her manners. She is not confused by your disappearance and looks forward to her days at the play centre.

Doggy day care centres are inspected for a healthy environment and appropriate behaviour towards your pet. They are clean, deliver nutritious food and treats, and reinforce the training you want your pet to exhibit. They get walks and make new friendships. Many dogs find a best friend with whom to cuddle and play.

Instead of leaving your loved puppy at home to be lonesome and bored, bring her to the fun place where she will be nurtured, stimulated, and nuzzled. Bring her to Doggy Day Care.


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