Dogs And Cats Can Live Together

It is funny when we see cartoons where cats and dogs “argue,” chase each other and compete who will win. However, in real life this is not exactly comical, indeed. To set the balance in the relationship between these two animals with completely opposite characters is hard, especially for people who take care for both of them. If you are one of the rare people who want to adopt both cat and dog, do not waste your time on people who will convince you that it is impossible. You just have to try and believe in this friendship. We have seen thousands of cases that testify to the friendship between dogs and cats.

What matters is how you raise up both animals. If you take both at the same time and at a young age, getting used one to each other will be easier. Although it does not necessarily mean that pets will immediately become friends. It is the cat that could be interested to play and the dog to be afraid or to ignore, and vice versa. If one of the animals come later in your home, the acceptance of new member in the family will be harder.

However, do not quit.

It is important to teach your dog to listen your orders, especially the ones that mean “Stop, do not do that” and “Leave it.” A dog can treat a cat in three ways: aggressively, friendly and he can ignore. A cat would do the same. The dog can hurt the cat without being aggressive; he can hurt a kitten with his jaws when playing, and the cat can hurt his face. So, before introducing them, trim the cat’s claws and teach the dog to be gentle. Do not force them to meet each other, since they can get scared and become aggressive by trying to protect themselves. In the beginning, don’t leave them alone in the same room; don’t let one of them to “conquer” the other’s territory. Pass some time with them, pet them and play with them in the same time. If they feel your love, it is more likely that they will accept each other.


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