Dogs R’ us

Stopping your canine eating poo!

One major embarrassing behaviour that inflicts many dog owners is the sight of your furry friend tucking into another dogs passing. It can be fairly humiliating for an owner and that does not even touch on the hygiene side of the behaviour.

We review the key steps to stop your dog from indulging in the worst of all public traits!


The use of treats is the best method to train your canine and distract. When outdoors, place a number of treats around the grounds and let the dog watch you do this. It will channel the animals mind to search for the treat and not the nasty stuff.

Try this routine over and over until eventually they get the message to focus on the hunt for treats. To keep it going, pretend to hide them in certain locations, it will ensure keenness and thoughtfulness from your pet.

As with any bad behaviour it is important not to reinforce the error of their ways. Do not tell them off as any attention is good for a dog. Ignore them and look to address the issue in future. If Treats fail, try simply introducing them to new smells and areas to simulate them away from the problem. If are still struggling, why not contact us for assistance.


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