Dogs Socialisation

One of the perks of being a dog owner is the fact that you can meet new people, make new friendships or even find a partner when taking a walk with your dog. But, not all dogs feel comfortable being around other people or animals. Just like humans, dogs have their own character and behaviour. Some are extroverts, playful, friendly and hyperactive, while others can be shy, introverts, distant and withdrawn. The second type of dogs can have multiple reasons for being like this; some are naturally born like that, and others can act like excluded from the pack or the “team” because they have endured difficult times with their previous owners, they have been tortured or beaten, or they have experienced an unpleasant situation. Another possible reason for a dog to act like this is the relationship with his owner. If the owner is shy and an introvert, it is likely that the dog will behave so, because he has been used or taught to act like that.

However, there is big difference between puppies and adult dogs. Puppies get easily socialised and they can adjust to various situations, because they have been used to them from early age. This is why you should teach your dog to meet with people, other dogs or animals, and to take him at different places. You can also take your dog to the pet shop, where he will meet other animals and he’ll learn that every new meeting means a new, delicious treat too.

The situation with adult dogs that haven’t been socialised on time is different. These dogs need training and socialisation methods, including visits to parks, socialisation classes and exercises, exposure to social activities and later, going to crowded places. The period of socialisation and adjustment depends on your dog’s character, your behaviour towards given challenging situations (your dog meets with another) and dog’s past.


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