Get Your Dog To Come When They’re Called

There’s absolutely nothing more important than having your dog come when they’re called. It’s extremely important if they’re lost and you’re calling out their name, if they get carried away with another dog at the dog park, and a thousand other reasons all nestled in between. Here’s what you should be doing to ensure your dog comes when they are called.

Make It A Game

Your dog may get hyperactively joyous when you call them, but that’s exactly what you want. When you call on your pooch, try to make a game out of it. This ensures that they’ll associate their own name with a fun time, and they’re more likely to come when called.

Be Better Than Distractions

You have to be far more important than any distractions that are surrounding your pooch. If you’re out and about, the ball, the squirrel, and the other dogs all have to play second fiddle. If you’re a good owner, your dog’s bowl is always full, and you make time your pooch, then you’ll have a great bond and be able to come as a priority. You feed them, you play with them—they’ll make this paramount in their mind, even if it doesn’t appear that way at first.

Leash Pull

It’s a good practice that, while you’re out on a walk, you look at your pooch, call their name, and pull them in a little close on the leash, very gently. You don’t want them to mistake their name for a negative response if your leash chokes them a tiny bit.


If you follow these, you’ll see better results in your pup’s call response. It’s absolutely paramount that you get this down pat while they’re little, so you don’t have to fight this problem later on.