Great Danes

Known as a gentle giant, they have a very mild personality and love people. They are very large, an adult male can grow as tall as 36 inches at the shoulder. Their full weight is around 135-175 pounds.

Great Danes are friendly, loyal, quiet and reserved are all good descriptors applied to the Great Dane. They look like they would need excessive exercise, but they are really just as happy with a couple of good strolls a day. What he doesn’t like is to be left alone. He wants a friend at all times, whether human or a canine companion.

Great Danes respond well to positive reinforcement when trained. A negative treatment will make him shy and skittish. He is eager to please and only wants your love and affection. Training is fairly easy with treats or a clicker.

The Great Dane has a melodious deep voice that will deter any unwelcome visitors to your home. They do not realize from his loud bark that he is as likely to lick the intruder as to bite him.

The Great Dane is a great companion for children but they should not try to ride him. It will be tempting for the child because of the dog’s large size. Children should be taught to romp and play instead for appropriate interaction with the dog.

A Great Dane puppy (three years and younger) can be clumsy and excitable, causing many home accidents by bumping into furniture and decorations. Puppies also drool a lot. Great Danes only live about eight years.


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