Household Dangers to Your Dog

Everything is made of plastic and chemical-coated nowadays, especially most of the products in your home. Apart from that, there are numerous health risks to your dog that you may not even be aware of. We’re going to get into a few of them so you can remove them from your pooch’s environment today, and have a risk-free home for your canine companion.

Flimsy Plastic

They’re not going to choke on a Tupperware container, but plastic food wrap or plastic shopping bags from the grocery store are things they love to chew on, and easy to forget are even around. Replace plastic food wrap with aluminium foil, and try to use paper bags or reusable cloth bags from the store.

Children’s Toys

You’re toddler’s toys are supposed to be large enough that they can’t choke on them, but your dog’s got a bitter bite, and will relentlessly try to get a toy in their mouth to chew on. Small hollow, plastic balls are a big one that they’re always trying to chew on. Either keep your toddler’s toys in a separate room, or train your children to put their toys in their box when they’re done every time.

Gums and Candies

Did your leave your knapsack or purse next to the couch? If you commute with it every single day, there’s bound to be some food in there. Dogs will be attracted to the plastic wrapped first, and be able to smell the food inside as soon as their teeth puncture the casing. We all know that chocolate is hazardous to dog—that’s Doggy Care 101—but granola bars with peanut butter or sticks of gum are also extremely bad for them, and also present themselves as choking hazards. Keep your purse or knapsack on a coat rack handle, or up on a high shelf when you enter your home. Don’t just drop it on the floor.