How Can I Adopt a Puppy?

If you want a new puppy in the home, there is no more reputable organisation than the RSPCA for rehoming to adopt a puppy. The RSPCA has many pets for your family’s consideration; puppies and dogs are just one species!

Each companion that is adopted from the RSPCA comes with up-to-date vaccinations, has been spayed or snipped, and has an identification microchip implanted. In addition, they offer free pet insurance for six weeks in case your new friend has an upset tummy.

When you first think of adopting a puppy for your home, please give the older dogs a chance also. Many of the dogs that have been rescued have been cruelly treated and haven’t had a loving home in their entire lives. When they were rescued by the RSPCA they were given a warm bath, a clean place to stay, and steady meals. They have been petted and pampered and taught to love. Now they are ready to give love to your home.

As you approach the centre closest to you, try to determine the best fit for your family situation. Do you want an active dog that will run and play fetch with the children? Do you want a smaller dog that doesn’t need much exercise or space? Do you prefer the big brutes that look fierce but are really gentle giants?

When you search the kennels to adopt a puppy you will know the right one when his eyes look longingly with hope, quietly begging you to take him home.


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