How Long do I Feed Puppy Food?

Puppies need a special kind of nutrition because they grow their muscles and bones in their first year or so. They grow so quickly that they pass from puppyhood to adolescence and into adulthood, sometimes within less than twelve months, depending on the breed. These rapidly growing babies need the proper vitamins and minerals to sustain their immense growth spurts.

Many people wonder, “How long do I need to feed my Buddy puppy food?” We are here to answer your questions about the rapidly growing puppy and his needs.

The answer to the query regarding proper puppy feed varies according to the puppy breed. A puppy needs puppy food until it has reached 80% of its adult growth. For a Chihuahua, that would be one year. For a Labrador Retriever, that would be 21 months.
Here is a list of the top 10 breeds in the UK and their puppy food needs:


BreedAdultFeed Puppy Food until age
Labrador Retriever21 months 16 months
Jack Russell Terrier1 year9 months
Staffordshire Bull Terrier18 months15 months
Border Collie1 year9 months
Cocker Spaniel6 months5 months
English Springer Spaniel18 months15 months
German Shepherd21 months16 months
Yorkshire Terrier9 months7 months
Shih Tzu1 year9 months
Cavalier King Charles1 year9 months


These calculations were based on the Breed Standard for adult weights. If in doubt, we added a month to assure the strong muscles, bones, and joints would develop properly.


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