How to bring shy canines out their shells with training

Don’t let your dog sit in the corner any longer with simple training skills…

It can be difficult to socialise and introduce particularly shy and nervous dogs to other people and canines. Extreme cases can be upsetting and cause ill health for pets so it is important to build their confidence from a young age.


If you have adopted a dog, be aware they perhaps were mistreated in the past and this has resulted in shyness so be extra careful when training and show additional patience.

A top tip would be to integrate an especially shy dog in their own home on the provision they are not overly protective of their surroundings. This way they can focus on mingling without the extra pressure of new surroundings. The biggest mistake to make with nervous and shy dogs is to allow them to feel it is acceptable to avoid socialising.

Building Confidence with training

Most breeds of dogs love to show obedience and be gratified for doing well. Utilise this trait by giving treats, claps and praise when your pet steps out of their conform zone.

Canines also love to play so use this as a means to integrate. Use toys and play sessions to involve your puppy.

If your dog does not respond to such training, it might be worth consulting your vet. There are a variety of medical conditions that could explain a change in behaviours and this is separate from dogs that have always had nervous personalities.

Always remember that dogs have personality and to respect this but look to enhance their daily lives.


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