How to get Your Dog to Go Potty Outside

Going potty outside can be a trying effort for a dog, especially at the beginning stages. The last thing that you want is to clean up messes in the house though, so there are a few things you can do to help with this, and they are listed below.

The first, is to take the dog out every so often at regular intervals. Even if they don’t’ go immediately, they will learn that this is where they go to the bathroom. When they do go to the bathroom, tell them that they did great and praise them. Dogs react well to praises, so being cheerful and happy when the dog does this, instead of mad and stoic, is the way to go.

You should also look for the warning signs that they have to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, a dog makes a little howl or noise when they’re ready to go, so you do need to watch for this and make sure that the dog is able to go out when they do this. They will learn to bark when they have to go potty.

If you have a yard, let them out, and watch them as well. When they go, cheer them on, and even give them a treat. Rewarding the good behaviour will prevent the bad behaviour from spreading.

Being able to potty train your dog is very important, so doing it effectively and without any problems is the way to go.


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