How To Play With Your Dog

Taking care of a dog is a combination of many things: it is a duty, responsibility, pleasure, love, trust, laughter and fun. They can be our best friends, part of the family even and even company for taking a walk. Perhaps you cannot drink alcohol with them and discuss politics, but you can play a variety of games and pass the time in a good mood and joy. Learn to have fun with your dog. What dogs are playing the most is that which their owners teach them; fetch and running? Not so interesting after few months, right? People and dogs can get bored doing the same things. Your dog may not tell you that he’s fed up with those routine activities, but it can show you by acting uninterested and lazy.

Admit it, sometimes is annoying to throw the ball and wait for the dog to bring it back, right? Be creative; think of new games and ways of having fun! Animals are playful by nature; you just need to observe them and learn something new about their behavior and nature. Take your dog to the park where there’s no crowd or get out in your backyard; put some obstacles and try to jump over them together with your dog, he surely will try to succeed in this and he will be happy if you pet him after he makes it! If you live near by the water, go to swimming and take your dog. Act as a dog; you can pretend that you’re barking, or you can do the same movements as your dog – he will be confused, amused and satisfied because something new is happening. Take some snacks, give them to your dog and let him sniff, and then hide the treats. Wake the curiosity in your dog! Change the fetch game with Frisbee, dog football or going to the mountain.

Just be creative and enjoy the game! You will make your dog shine from happiness. It’s that easy to get an unconditional love.


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