How to Reward Your Dog

It is inaccurate to think that the only way to reward your canine is with biscuits and treats. It is a proven training method but to develop a strong bond with your dog, great variety is required. We review the methods of praise that can really inspire your pet…


All dogs love it; so much so they lap it up even when it is negative. Give them a scratch round the ear and a pat with encouraging words when they have reacted well to a situation. This will help to reinforce their good behaviour and decode how you react to them.

Play Time

After the dog has completed a task or shown good behaviour, why not reinforce this by taking them a walk, a ball chase or even just out the back door for some fun.

You will have noticed the positivity the dog associates with picking up the lead and this can be successfully channelled to aid training and treats.

Scratch that belly!

They all love it and it a clear show of affection from human to animal. Roll them over and rub their stomachs, continuing to show them that good behaviour or successful training has great rewards.
There you have it, take the time to reward your canine with a vast array of items and reap the benefits.

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