How to Stop Dog Chewing in Its Tracks

Dog chewing. It’s one of the problems many owners have. There are some causes for this, such as stress or loneliness, and there are a few things the owner can do to help. This article will go over how to eliminate dog chewing so it stops becoming a problem for you.

The first, is to give the dog a few toys to chew on. This is important, because often, they’re not busying themselves with their chewing, so they take it to the furniture and start to chew on it. Give them one of those rawhide bones, and they will be occupied for hours. It’s a great toy, and even little squeaky ones can be good for them as well.

When a dog does chew on a bone and not on furniture or anything else, give them praise. Tell them how great they are for doing that, and they will soon learn. This is essential to helping the dog understand, and it’s certainly a great thing to use when trying to get the dog to do the right thing.

Finally, you should keep an eye out for what the dog is feeling. Sometimes, after they got to the vet or have had a shocking incident, they feel stressed and they need to chew. Also, when they’re alone, they’re prone to chewing as well due to the fact that they are bored, and that’s what they want to do to help with that. However, you can help by watching those factors, and once you nip it in the bud, the chewing will surely stop.


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