How to Stop Your Dog from Barking so Much

Barking is something a dog does, and it’s something that they do in order to communicate. It’s essential, but at the same time, it can be something that can get a bit annoying when they do it excessively. Using humane means to help with dog barking is essential, and you will learn below some of the best ways to help with a dog that barks so much.

The first is to remove the motivation. Your dog will feel like barking is a reward. If there is another dog that causes it, try to move it away. If your dog doesn’t like a certain person, have them avoid the dog for a while. You should also not give the dog a reason to bark, so ignoring the motivation to bark is important.

Along with ignoring it, is to help desensitize it to the stimulus. Maybe your dog is a bit nervous about being alone, or even around other dogs. Have the dog spend a little bit of time, increasing it to the stimulus. It’s important to start off slow, because if you hit the dog with too much too fast, they might continue to do this.

Finally, there is keeping your dog tired. Most of the time if the dog barks too much, it’s because they need more exercise. Take it out for walks and runs, and you will make the dog tucker out faster than ever before, so it’s important to do this.

Helping your dog with its barking problems is one of the best ways to make your dog happier, and it will help with your won sanity as well.


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