How To Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

We love dogs and treat them like our kids, but sometimes we miss the way of raise them up properly. Again, it’s a mistake that we could have done it, or we do with our kids. Take the relationship with your dog as a relationship with your child. What you need to know is that this friendship will succeed if you build it upon confidence and understanding. No, it is not easy and yes, once you make it, it will last forever.

Just like any human being, an animal loves his freedom, sometimes more than a human (although the second is meant to be the conscious one). So, you must set the border between respecting your dog’s freedom and free will, and his obedience. By obedience, we don’t mean that you can control and “manage” you pet like a robot, on contrary. Obedience means teaching your dog what is right, what is wrong and what the best is for both of you.

To teach your dog to obedience, first you must learn to be obedient and responsible to yourself. It is very important to make a confidential bond between you and your dog; you should treat him as your friend, trust in him and pay attention to his needs. After you do this “task,” you will learn how to train your dog. Let’s move to specific things you’ll need for this training. First, find place where your dog won’t be distracted or feel afraid; take your pet there (even if it’s an empty room) so he can get used to it. Take some delicious treats, lead and a clicker. Speak to your dog, teach him that words mean “you listen to me, you get treats as reward.” To make the process of obedience training, separate exercises to as much as you need groups. For example, you can have “Group A” exercises (important tasks) and “Group B” (tasks for fun, like paw greeting). If you need help in this, visit or call dog trainer.


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