How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Training a dog to sit is one of the basic ways to help a dog become more obedient. It’s one of the first things they learn, and it’s important to have your dog understand and execute this command. You can teach your dog to sit using these simple, effective ways.

The first thing to do is to get the dog alone. Don’t’ have any other distractions. Have a treat in hand, and what you want to do is to put your hand out, and say “sit.” Once the dog does it, give them a treat. You continue to do this until it does it on its own, and they know what they’re doing through the use of the hand signal.

If your dog is a bit confused or doesn’t understand at first, what you want to do is to lightly put your hand on their back, having them sit, or just wait for the dog to sit. Once they execute the command though, immediately give them the treat. The reason for doing so is because if a dog sees that it’s doing the command and gets a treat, they will do it more.

You will have to be patient with your dog, because this does take some time and effort, but after a while they will be conditioned into doing this trick easily, and without any problems. Teaching your dog to sit is the first step towards giving it the best and most helpful training it can need.


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