If you think you’re bad…

Most dog owners will from time to time cross the line between caring and obsessing about their canine. It is human nature in much the same we worry about family members, home security and money. Recent research has uncovered a number of extreme practices that are simply going too far:

The Dog Phone

As technology has moved forward so has the dog lover’s ability to look foolish. It is now possible to install a special video phone and ground activation at home. Basically this means that ‘mummy’ can phone to dog when they are at work to check they are ok and have a conversation.

On the face of it there are positives to such a device but when the dog can initiate a call to you or receive a treat from a linked up dispenser, the line has well and truly been crossed.


Some of the top fashion designers are now releasing handbags that actually include special seating for dogs. We have all witnessed the Hollywood trend of pugs in bags but it is spreading and small dogs are becoming accessories as oppose to animals that need to be walked and exercised.

Similarly, it is now possible to purchase dog prams… enough said.

The above illustrated extreme behaviour of dog owners but it is very easy to fall into the trap of breaching the biological boundary. If you want a child then have a human baby, make sure the dog is treated like such. By all means buy your pet treats, give them plenty of cuddles but don’t start pushing around the neighbourhood!


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