Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are a very popular breed of dog with a cheerful, happy, friendly disposition. They are extremely intelligent, active, and love to play ball. They are best satisfied when they are walked several times a day, because of their enormous energy.

Jack Russells are loving and affectionate. They can suffer from separation anxiety when away from their family. They like to chase, run, and dig. They can jump as high as five feet and climb a fence. They are excellent hunters with a very keen sense of smell and hearing.

Jack Russells are very healthy dogs that live as long as 15 years. There are a few medical problems inherent to the breed such as Legg Perthes, a hip joint disease that can occur in small dogs. They can also have dislocated kneecaps, and some eye diseases that are genetic. It is imperative that he have regular veterinary visits to check for abnormalities.

This small, intelligent breed must have a firm hand and be trained to know his boundaries. He is easily bored and can be destructive, especially chewing paper. He wants to please, and is easily trained to learn tricks.

The Jack Russell can be an ideal family pet, due to his loving nature. He is gentle with children, as long as they treat him gently. He loves to play fetch and will run for hours. He guards well, hearing the slightest sound in the yard. He is so smart he will train himself, which is why he needs you to teach him the right behaviours.


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