How to Stop Dog Chewing in Its Tracks

Dog chewing. It’s one of the problems many owners have. There are some causes for this, such as stress or loneliness, and there are a few things the owner can do to help. This article will go over how to eliminate dog chewing so it stops becoming a problem for you. The first, is to give the dog a few […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Clicker Training

Clicker training is a new form of training used by both dog trainers and their owners. It consists of using a clicker to have the dog do the command, and is usually accompanied by a treat. This has revolutionised the training many dogs get, and it’s made obedience training that much easier. There’s a lot of benefits to it, and […] Continue Reading

Best Tips to help with Crate Training

Crate training is a great asset for anyone. Crate training allows the dog to be in a crate, and once they’re used to that, they can run around the home. It’s like a little home for your dog, which is the theory behind it. Dogs love to make dens, since their ancestors did that sort of action as well, and […] Continue Reading

Why Dog Day Care Works

Dog day care is a great facility for anyone who has a dog. For those who can’t stick around with their pooch all day due to work or other commitments, or even if they have to go out of town for whatever reason, dog day care is the way to go. For one, they give personal care to the dog, […] Continue Reading

Alternative therapies for your dog; Yes or No?

Caring for your dog’s health is very important and requires full attention. Starting from a healthy diet and vaccines to needed medication in case of any illness, you have to be responsible. Although medicine and veterinary medicine are highly developed, some owners avoid exposing their dogs to therapies that require consumption of drugs. Today, both the man and the dogs […] Continue Reading

How To Play With Your Dog

Taking care of a dog is a combination of many things: it is a duty, responsibility, pleasure, love, trust, laughter and fun. They can be our best friends, part of the family even and even company for taking a walk. Perhaps you cannot drink alcohol with them and discuss politics, but you can play a variety of games and pass […] Continue Reading

Dogs And Cats Can Live Together

It is funny when we see cartoons where cats and dogs “argue,” chase each other and compete who will win. However, in real life this is not exactly comical, indeed. To set the balance in the relationship between these two animals with completely opposite characters is hard, especially for people who take care for both of them. If you are […] Continue Reading

How To Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

We love dogs and treat them like our kids, but sometimes we miss the way of raise them up properly. Again, it’s a mistake that we could have done it, or we do with our kids. Take the relationship with your dog as a relationship with your child. What you need to know is that this friendship will succeed if […] Continue Reading

Training Your Dog To Use The Right Place For Toilet

Toilet training can be frustrating and challenging, that is true. There are different dogs, with different characters; some will listen to you and learn fast, others will kill you with stubbornness or they will forget what you have taught them. You must stay calm and persistent, and you should not punish your dog when he makes a mistake. Whether you […] Continue Reading

Dogs as picky eaters; what can you do?

Besides diets that are recommended for a dog, many owners decide to give their dogs the same food that they eat. This is not dangerous as long as the food is healthy and does not harm the organism of your pet. But there are cases in which people make mistakes in this regard. At first, they only feed their dog […] Continue Reading

Dogs Socialisation

One of the perks of being a dog owner is the fact that you can meet new people, make new friendships or even find a partner when taking a walk with your dog. But, not all dogs feel comfortable being around other people or animals. Just like humans, dogs have their own character and behaviour. Some are extroverts, playful, friendly […] Continue Reading

Dogs and aggression; Reasons and how to change dog’s aggressive behavior

Although a domestic animal, dogs can show their wild and aggressive side, simply because they are animals and their instinct, or nervous system react differently to certain situations. What is important to be mentioned and emphasised, is that there is a reason behind every aggressive behaviour. Whether you have adopted your dog as a baby, or as an older, it […] Continue Reading

Dogs and barking; Why do they do it and how to control it?

Woof, woof! One of the biggest and most demanding challenges in training a dog is teaching him how to stop with the unnecessary barking. Dogs get easily provoked and react nervously even to the slightest situation. They bark at everything that can be construed as dangerous or threatening for them, their owner, the house and especially, to what’s in their […] Continue Reading

General Rules on Dog Training

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” – Stanley Coren Dogs can be named as man’s best friends, smartest animals, owners of our hearts, home keepers… We can add to these “definitions” whatever we want. But, first of all, we must understand that as much […] Continue Reading

How to Reward Your Dog

It is inaccurate to think that the only way to reward your canine is with biscuits and treats. It is a proven training method but to develop a strong bond with your dog, great variety is required. We review the methods of praise that can really inspire your pet… Attention All dogs love it; so much so they lap it […] Continue Reading