Understanding Your Dog

There are a number of ways to communicate with your dog, some simpler than others. We have reviewed a number of ideas to get in touch with your dog and listed them below: Listen to the bark Your canine will primarily talk to you via their bark. Different tones highlight their mood. For example short and varied barking often means […] Continue Reading

An Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy

INTRODUCTION A recent discovery by archaeologists found the remains of a man buried with his dog (Walsh 2009). Throughout the ages pets have been a central part of human life in almost every culture, infusing literature, traditions and customs of both modern and ancient peoples alike. Modern day scientific methods provide us with a way to finally document the impact […] Continue Reading

Does Your Pet Have Special Potential?

It is now possible to tell if your dog has extra abilities from a very young age. We are not talking about crime fighting or martial art skills; many guide dogs and protection dogs come from identification as puppies. The ability to act as a guide dog is a usually reserved for strong and placid beasts such as Labradors or […] Continue Reading

Socialising Your Dog

Dogs don’t spend hours down the pub or attend music concerts with their mates; they do however interact on a unique level with other canines and people. It is essential to promote this interactive behaviour from a very young age. Training Classes Most top trainers offer classes for different puppy ages. It is an ideal place for your dog to […] Continue Reading

Training Steps for a new Puppy

Young K9s are inquisitive, eager and intrigued by almost everything. It is an excellent time to begin basic training and set them on their way to an in-house lifestyle. Before employing a professional trainer, get started with some basic principles: Toilet Training There are a number of approaches to teaching a young dog about carrying out their business. Many use […] Continue Reading

Leaving Your Canine at Home

It may not be as dramatic as MaCaulay Culkin’s 80s exploits, but numerous owners leave their canines home alone every day. It is an unavoidable part of daily life and recent studies have suggested that much can be learned during this solitaire period. There are three distinct negative emotional behaviours that exist in dogs when left by themselves: Fear Many […] Continue Reading

The Firework Season and your Dog’s Behaviour

As November arrives, fireworks and crackling bangs take over our neighbourhoods. The crisp air displays are an important part of our culture but not every member of our household enjoys the occasion. It leads to worried and upset canines; no laughing matter for many owners. The stress and anxiety can kill our furry friends and lead to an unhealthy fear […] Continue Reading