Keeping Your Dog From Wrecking The Furniture

You’re no stranger to this; dogs, especially when they’re little pups, absolutely love to chew on everything in sight. More often than not, that ends up including your furniture. We’ve got a few ways to combat such behaviour, without making your dog feel ashamed. They’re behaviour needs to be corrected; not reprimanded.

Encourage, Train

They’re going to chew on something; might as well make sure it’s that chew toy you spent $17 on. You need to verbally praise them shortly after they chew on the right thing. It’s teaching your dog that certain objects that they chew on will have a positive outcome from their master, and they’ll eat up the pride.

Spot Behaviour Before It Happens

Watch your dog. You can usually tell right before they decide to chew on a table leg or a couch cushion. Before they get a chance to actually do so, distract them by calling their name. This is when you bring out the toy and tell him to chew. After a while, your voice coupled with the word “chew” are going to resonate with your dog. They’ll know that they can only chew on what their master tells them to.

The Right And Wrong

Right: Always leave a chew toy out for your pooch, so they’re not tempted to chew on furniture when you’re at work, or when they come back with the dog walker and are all energised.


Wrong: Penalising your pooch for unacceptable behaviour isn’t going to drive the point home. If you find them with a chewed-up couch pillow, you’re too late, and yelling at them is only going to make them feel awful. Worse; they won’t know exactly what’s going on. They’ll think you’re yelling for no reason. You’ll need to catch it in the moment, or that teaching moment is gone.