Let Sleeping Dogs Lie… Or Not

A quick internet search will reveal some incredible household locations that your canine will snooze. From under the fire, in your bed or even on top of high surfaces, there is no where they won’t try and make their own. It may seem like a comical topic but there are serious training and behaviour repercussions to dog sleeping patterns.

One of the biggest mistakes many dog owners make is allowing their pet to enter their beds. It gives the canine an inflated opinion of their standing in the household and makes them tougher to train as a result. Ensuring they understand that they are bottom of the social order in the house enhances the ability to teach.

Identifying their own bed

It is essential your dog understands from a young age where there bed is locate and to approach it when they wish to sleep. It helps maintain boundaries but also provides the dog with an area used solely by them.

It is interesting to observe where you dog will automatically lie when you are not around. Recent studies have shown they will often bend the rules and exploit your absence. It is difficult to enforce good behaviours when you are not present but consider housing the dog in a separate room, blocking access to furniture and making their own bed more welcoming.

The furniture

It is perfectly acceptable for your dog to curl up next to you on a cold winter night but it must be on your terms. Emphasises that they should not jump up until requested. It is an important training technique and will help develop other behaviours such as staying away from dinner plates and jumping on visitors.

By design, canines are naturally social and loving beasts so don’t be surprised by their desire to get close to you or places or comfort. Each owner needs to make a decision at the puppy stage what is acceptable for the house rules and stick to it. Do not send mixed messages as it will only confuse the dog.

Remember, they love the warmth so keeping their bed in front of the fire in winter is a sure fire method to encourage them to stay put when napping.

There you have it; set the rules, keep them out your bed and highlight the importance of their own bed. It will lead to a happy and obedient dog that won’t be sneaking in beside you!


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