Loving an Older Dog

An aging dog is the most loving companion you will ever have. Older dogs have a trust and a fierce loyalty that cannot beyond compare. They know you care for them, and they love you back with their complete soul.

How might you reward the years of love and companionship? Now that your baby is getting older try to make her more comfortable. Make sure she has a well-padded bed to lounge on when you aren’t around. If you can, provide a heated blanket for her stiff muscles. Allow your dog to sleep on the couch or the bed? Provide steps to make it easier for climbing. If you go on rides with her in the car, get either steps or a ramp for her.

Buy a sweater or fleece coat for her. Her coat is thinning, and she feels the cold more easily now. Just like people get colder the older they are, so do dogs because circulation slows down. Even indoors your dog may get chilled from the air conditioning.

Talk to your vet about giving her a glucosamine supplement to help ease her joints. Just like people, dogs need glucosamine to strengthen cartilage in the knees. Give her daily fish oil to protect her heart and help keep her coat shiny and soft. Continue to give her exercise every day but shorten the walks. Take her out several times a day because aging often causes a lack of bladder control.

Help her enjoy her golden years. Show her you love her with your words and your actions.


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