Loving Your Puppy

Having a new puppy is a wonderful privilege, but it is also a great responsibility. Your puppy will look to you for all its behaviour clues. It has only known you and Mommy. When you watch a Mama with her babies, she loves them, but she also corrects them.

If you want a well-loved puppy by everyone, and not just you, begin his training the day you bring him home. Here are the areas of training where you should start:


Make a designated area for feeding and only feed him there. This helps him to understand that there is a time and place for feeding.


Give only puppy food and no snacks from the table. If the puppy is never trained to eat from the table, it won’t develop the begging habit.


If the puppy is tiny, like a Yorkie, consider training to puppy pads instead of outdoors. Many outdoor predators can kill a small puppy, like a hawk, larger dog, or mean cat.


An easier way to house train a puppy is to crate train and to place the puppy in the crate at night.

No Jump

Training a puppy not to jump on you from the first day will keep him from being a nuisance as a teenager or adult.


Every dog needs to sit on command. Teach him by voice and by hand command.

It is never too early to begin training your puppy to obey. Love your puppy by teaching it good manners. That way, everyone else will love him too.


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