Make Sure Your Dog Walker Has Insurance

Yes, it is a thing. For real. Dog walker insurance protects not only the walker, but the owner of the dog from liability through various means. It’s become a profession in the last decade or so, and as such, it’s becoming regulated. There are a few things you should look for in your dog walkers, being insurance, and here’s what it should contain.

General Liability

This protects the walker against third-party liability claims for property damage or bodily injury. If your dog goes berserk for any reason while out on the walk, you won’t be held liable for a poorly-trained animal, and the walker will be covered. Win-win.

Care and Control

This provides coverage for your pet and your personal property while your walker is on your property. If any damages occur while your walker is in the middle of performing his or her duty, you’re covered, and they’re covered.

Everything else is filler nonsense. So long as your dog walker has at least these on their insurance, you’re solid. It’s just an other way to tell an amateur who decided to take to Craigslist one day, and the professionals who actually do this for a living.

It sounds like a silly concept, but really think about it: your dog walker is heading down the walk one day, trips and goes into the mailbox. Now you have a broken mailbox, and an injured dog walker. For the most part, they’re not going to come after you. They broke your property, and they were on-the-job, right? People’s true colours shine through the most when there’s the possibility of a large scale payout from a lawsuit. Money changes people; insurance prevents all that unnecessary drama from occurring. Make sure your dog walker has some form of insurance.