Picking A Dog Walker

Professional dog walking never used to be a thing, but now, people actually make their living from walking your dog. Better than that, they’re also getting a chance to socialise with other dogs while in the group. It’s a win-win.

However, picking the right dog walker is no easy task. Where it’s become a professional service, people are actually branding themselves with logos, business cards and websites—it’s become a phenomenon. So how can you select the right one for you?

Actually Contact References

More often than not, they’ll have references of people who helped start their service listed somewhere on their website. When you’re interviewing a dog walker, ask for their references contact information. You can do a quick Google search to ensure that they didn’t simply buy this recommendation through a website service.

Are They Trustworthy?

A dog walker ends up with access to your home. Is that something you can give so lightly? You need to do spend a little bit of money through an online criminal background service, and inspect this person. It’s a freelance job, so it’s not uncommon to see those with shady pasts taking to freelance work. Just because something pops up doesn’t mean you should throw them out of the running; it all depends on the nature of the crime. If it was a home invasion, you’re probably not going to let them into your home. Traffic violation? That’s not even a criminal.

Does Your Dog Like Them?

For their job to be easier—and yours—during the interview phase, let your pooch choose whether they’ll cozy up to them, or stay back. As long as there’s no vicious intent coming from your canine companion, you’ll be okay. Dogs, much like children, are excellent judges of character.


Picking an essential sitter for your loved one isn’t an easy job, but you want the best for them, and you’re willing to pay for that. Choose a walker that fits your budget, and works with your work hours.