Rules for Children Around Dogs

Children and dogs naturally go together, as long as both are well-trained. Just like you wouldn’t want an unruly dog around your children, you don’t want unruly children around your dog that could accidentally harm the dog.

Here are some guidelines to teach your children when around a new dog.

    Do not approach the dog without the owner’s permission.

  • Make sure the dog is on a leash and under the control of the owner.
  • Begin your approach by letting the dog sniff your hand.
  • After the dog shows he is comfortable by wagging his tail, then you can pet him on the side, or flank.
  • Do not approach his head or face to pet because he may see that as aggressive.
  • Do not run away from the dog as he will see that as an invitation to chase.
  • Do not strike or hit at a dog. He will see that as harmful and might bite back.

Dogs are best friends for a lonely child and will nurture the child through all kinds of life situations. You don’t want your dog or your child hurt from the relationship. You especially want them to bond; it is such a rewarding experience for a person to have a loving canine companion.

A dog spends his life wanting to be loved and needed. Not only is a child his primary companion, he is his world. Teaching dogs and children to get along in a loving friendship will impact both of them all of their days.


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