Selecting the Right Canine for You…

It can be tough hunting for a new dog. Striking a balance between your way of life and a suitable breed can be like barking up the wrong tree. To help make your decision a little more focused, we have detailed the essential points to consider:

How lively

Breeds such as cocker and springer spaniels are famous for being high maintenance and requiring huge amounts of exercise. If you in poor health or suffer from certain physical alignments, it might be worth considering a dog less hard work.

Space in your home

It would be pointless to consider buying a canine such as a mountain dog or husky if you live in a small house or apartment. It can mentally strain the animal and make them impossible to train.

It can also cause damage to the property and make daily live extremely difficult. Focus on smaller breeds such as terriers and placid Labradors.

Daily time alone

Many dogs are not suitable for people with busy lifestyles. They need constant attention and can be easily upset when left along for long periods. If you are rescuing a dog, think carefully of the background of the animal and the fairest way for it to be treated.

Children and other dogs

If the household has children be aware that certain breeds are not suitable for youngsters. It is not always specific to the breed, individual personality also dictates the temperament on the dog so consider carefully before adding to your family.

This also applies to homes with existing dogs, will they fit in or cause issues?

In the end, it does not matter which breed you consider, introducing a dog to your home is a hugely rewarding experience. If you would like tips on the best type for you, why not get in touch with us and allow us to help with the initial training integration to your home.


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